About this website

This website is a my way of getting feedback as well as provide information for anyone who is in this field or is looking to get into it.

This website will be developed over time and is not my first priority, but I will be posting write-ups for the website Hackthebox, which has been a major influence in my career.

I will also be making blog post about what I am studying, how I am studying for it, and allowing you to get a look into my mind, and possibly provide some assistance.

I know by far that I am not the best, It’s easy to be cocky in this field, but I know my place, and am well aware that I still have a lot to learn and I am always willing to take on the next challenge.

Hopefully this website helps some people out, as well as provide information to new users, I am hoping to be able to really be a contributing factor in this world of master hackers, but I have to start somewhere, and this is my start!

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