MysticHack – Introduction

Welcome to my Website! I would love to introduce myself and give you guys some background on me.

So I go by the handle MysticHack, and I am a 22 year old who is currently an intern studying ethical hacking.

I would like to start off by saying that I could not get here without the love and support of my wife, kids, family, and father who was my biggest inspiration.

Young Mystic

So growing up was pretty basic, just the usual school and come home to play video games. The thing that always seemed “different” to me was my father. Day in and day out he would be in his office “working”. Me and my sister thought he was a spy because he was always traveling for work, and could never seem to talk about it. It wasn’t until we got older that he found out that he was a white hat hacker.

Growing up I always had in interest with tinkering and understanding how video games worked, and It wasn’t until High school that I found the game that would lead me into this job field. Magic the Gathering really inspired me to start this journey. I’ve grown up my whole life playing PC games, and always being on a PC, once I discovered MTG I started liking strategy games. Now I’ll explain why MTG got me into hacking, You know what in your deck because you built the deck. You know what’s in your hand because you drew your cards. You don’t know what’s in your opponents deck, or in there hand. I realized that this was actually pretty similar to hacking. You know what is on your computer, and you have your tools. while you don’t have any information about your targets computer or what there tools are.

Figuring out how things work and what makes them tick to overtake your opponent is what really peaked my interest for hacking. I wanted to learn so bad how to hack into a computer to “beat my opponent”.

Starting my venture

After graduating High school, life was pretty miserable for me.

I was constantly working and trying to find work. I wasn’t skilled in anything and was on and off being homeless because of my own laziness and lack of effort. I finally started realizing how lazy I was and that everything that has happened to me was because of me. It was time for a change, I needed a job doing something I liked.

When I was 15, My father took me to Defcon 21 in vegas, and I helped out a friend of his at his booth. A few month’s prior I taught myself how to pick locks, as lock picks where one of the things he sold. I learned that I was an incredibly good salesman selling probably somewhere between 3 to 5 thousand lock pick sets, in 3 days. Because of that experience, I knew that I was a good salesman if it was something I was passionate for. So I got a job working at best buy mobile, which only sold phones. Finally a job where I could actually utilize some of my IT knowledge.

It was at this job where I met my soon to be wife. Shortly after meeting here, I lost my job because Best Buy decided to close all there mobile locations, and just focus on the big box stores. I Had to find a new job, and I was not happy about it because I loved that job. After hopping around I wound up becoming the pantry cook at Ruby Tuesdays, and was absolutely hating life.

Then my entire life changed. My girlfriend told me she was pregnant, This rocked my world. Here I was as a 20 year old, who had never been able to live on his own and could barley sustain himself, and now I had a life that was my responsibility to take care of and raise.

I knew I had to change, I could not work where I was and raise a family how I wanted. But I didn’t know what to do or how to change. I knew one thing was for sure, If I ever wanted to get out of where I was I needed to learn something on the time that I did have off. No more gaming after work, no more time binge watching Netflix. It was time to learn how to hack. My father was able to provide so well for my family, so looking at myself I felt it was my only option. But I had one problem, how do you even learn how to hack in the first place!? I knew one thing was for sure and that was that I had to learn Linux. And If I could just learn that, then just maybe I could get an entry level job in IT and be able to provide better for myself and my soon to be born son, and wife. And So my journey begins.

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