Brave the forefront of web 3.0

The Brave web browser is a complete game changer for how everyone will be using the web. Every day more and more people are learning about cryptocurrencies, decentralizing the web and the benefits that come with having a decentralized web.

Back in 2008 the chrome web browser launched and it took the world by storm. Claiming to be the fast new secure web browser that got 70% of people to switch to it. For me it felt like a tsunami, All my friends were talking about it, how much better it was, how much faster, etc. Overnight It seemed like everyone had switched over to google chrome.

I think that same tsunami is happening with Brave. More and more people are hearing about it, and it offers a lot of things that chrome doesn’t. Just to list a few:

  • Automatic HTTPS upgrades
  • Doesn’t load ads and trackers
  • Provides 60% faster web load times then chrome
  • Blocks scripts from automatically running
  • Rewards the user with crypto for using it

Along with those brave has also released plans for a decentralized VPN which is really awesome from a security perspective.

Switching browsers is similar to saying goodbye to your first car. It’s never easy but you know it will be much better for you. Brave has made switching from chrome as easy as the click of a button, automatically importing everything saved on chrome. It is able to do this because of the fact that it is built on the open source version of chrome called chromium.

Using brave browser you are given the choice to opt-in to receive ads. These ads reward the user with BAT (Basic Attention Token) which is braves crypto currency. It stores in a native built-in wallet and requires little to no setup.

The way that brave has its ecosystem setup is exactly why I think it will be the forefront of web 3.0.

Advertisers pay for cryptocurrency to reward to the user for viewing the ad. The user can then take the cryptocurrency and cash it out or use it to tip someone they find online for producing good, funny, or valuable content. Because of this ecosystem it opens up a huge opportunity for content-creators.

Just to give you an example of the potential of BAT for content creators I made a reddit post asking how to incorporate BAT into this website, and was able to have an interesting discussion with CryptoJennie.

I do not want people to just donate BAT because they like our content, but I want them to also be allowed access to certain resources, documents, and other various things, as a way of rewarding our supporters.


While the Brave browser represents the first “BAT-enabled application” and is the primary focus of BAT Roadmap 1.0, the team intends to extend BAT beyond the Brave browser. We envision the BAT platform being extended to other web browsers, chat/messaging applications, games and other attention-economy apps via open source mobile app SDKs, connected TV SDKs, etc. (Read more about our upcoming BAT SDK, here.) For more info on the potential areas of expansion, see our Driving User Adoption and Extending the BAT Platform blog post.

The BAT SDK that will allow developers to integrate BAT-functionality (such as privately-matched ads with revenue share) into their own applications, allowing developers to monetize their apps and reward their users.

“I don’t want to corner the browser market; I think Brave will have a good growth curve and lots of market share among elite users who are very economically valuable, but BAT is the big play. I want the Basic Attention Token to be used widely, which means we will bring it to other browsers and other attention apps — things like podcast players, or games that have ads in them.” —Brendan Eich


You can read the full post here.

With everything that the brave team is working on, I really do believe they are leading the charge into web 3.0 allowing users to stay safe, and earn crypto for doing what they do every day.

If you do not already have brave installed you can install it here.

If you want to learn more about BAT you can do so here.