Hack The Box

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If there is one website I can say contributed the most to the advancement in my career than https://hackthebox.eu is that site.

When starting out in this field, The one thing everyone will tell you is only hack with permission as it is a serious legal offense without permission. But how do you get permission to practice hacking when you have no prior reputation? Well my coworker informed me about hackthebox (HTB) and that was my answer. HTB offers free labs to hack, as well as retired labs.

Because I was just starting I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into, I turned on one of the active boxes, and after about two hours, I realized how little I knew and that I had to find a way to learn to do this.

Luckily HTB also offers retired boxes, and that was my golden ticket. All of the retired boxes, do require a monthly payment of $12.50 to hack those boxes, nut the big thing about those boxes, is every one of those boxes has a write-up or youtube video on how to hack them!

This was a great option for me, I paid the monthly fee, and started watching video after video, and reading every pdf I could find on the box. I didn’t want to know how to just hack the box, I wanted to understand how I hacked the box, as well as what new tools I had to use in order to hack those boxes. So I started making my own Write-ups on google docs.

And this is where the core of this website is coming from. I wanted a place that I could share my write-ups and get feedback from fellow hackers, on how I could do things better or things that I missed.

But I also wanted to be able to share more in depth guides on methodology, and resources, that I have found over the time of me learning this.