Welcome to Hack House!

Looking for feedback!

If you would like to provide us some feedback we would love to hear from you! We just opened up our feedback form, it is hard to know exactly how well we are doing and what needs to be improved without feedback. This will help us understand if you like the content or if we need to change how we do things. Give FeedBack!

Why we’re here

We made this site to teach hacking in a non-technical easy to digest format. Our goal is to take you from installing Kali Linux/Parrot OS and not knowing what this so-called ‘Linux’ is to being able to participate in CTFs, Hack The Box, or just being able to conduct your own pen tests! Our content is easily digestible in write-up form or in video form you will get the same, easy to follow, easy to understand, hands-on content that you’re looking for.

What you’ll find here

Here, you’ll find everything from how to do Nmap scanning, Hack The Box hacks, to Social Engineering and Physical attacks. If you’re looking to learn to hack, secure yourself, or simply expand your knowledge, you’ve come to the right place.

Already Experienced? Not a problem!

To our more experienced guests, we will be gradually moving up to more advanced attacks as our tutorials reach that level, so if it seems basic to you stay tuned, there will be more complex thing coming soon!

See what’s to come!

We Have a public Trello so you can see everything that will be coming to HackHouse within the next few months! Click Here to go to our Trello!

We want to hear from you!

If there is anything specific you would like to see (i.e How to perform a certain type of attack, how a certain vulnerability works, or even a series on something we want to know! We want to build a strong and passionate community, so if there’s anything that you want to see shoot us an email at: